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Remedy Kids

Our desire at Remedy Church is that parents would teach their children at a young age to love the glory of Christ Jesus.  We will always encourage you to do this and do everything we can to equip you to be successful. The ministry of Remedy Kids is guided by two core beliefs:

1) The primary discipleship of children is the responsibility of parents.

2) The church family has a role to play in supporting parents with this task.

Because of this, our community values investing in children. We are...

We teach the whole counsel of God to children. We trace the redemptive narrative of Scripture from beginning to end and make a Christ connection in every story.


We create an environment that is safe and warm for every child. We want your children to be safe physically, spiritually and emotionally.

We believe that one of the most important things we can do is to pray over your child by name. We model prayer for them, and we pray for families each Sunday.

We want your kids to love learning about the gospel! We want them to enjoy being in community with other believers of all ages.

The Treasure Seekers Class for 1st through 6th graders. Meets from 9:00 AM to 9:40 AM. Remedy Kids offers Childcare during the service up through Kindergarten. Students above kindergarten sit in the service with their families. We provide sermon note sheets for them to doodle and take notes. If you have any questions about Remedy Kids, please email Kelly Watson at

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Remedy Women

Remedy Women exists to encourage women to study the Word in community, to equip women to be on mission for the glory of God and the building of His church, and to empower women to exercise their gifts in the care of the body.


Why? We believe that to carry out the mission of the church, we need every woman exercising her gifts, rooted and grounded in the Word, to be in committed, genuine relationships with other believers, and be equipped with the skills, knowledge, and practice to do these things.

We pursue our mission to encourage, empower, and equip the women of Remedy by fellowshipping at our monthly women’s event, The Gathering, as a way for women to make connections and get to know each other, a bridge to build relationships outside of community groups.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The Spring 2024 semester runs from January 27th through April 20th.  Classes are held at Park Baptist Church.

Please register for class and take the placement test here. If you run into issues with the hyperlink above, copy and paste the following link into your internet browser:


El semestre de primavera corre del 27 de enero hasta el 20 de abril.  Las clases se llevan a cabo en Park Baptist Church.

Por favor regístrate para la clase y tome la prueba de ubicación aquí.

Si tienes problemas con el hipervínculo, copia y pega el siguiente enlace en tu navegador de internet:


Music & Production

The music and production ministry at Remedy exists to help share the truth of the Gospel and the attributes of God using music and singing.


Our goal is not to perform for those in an audience, but to sing and make a joyful noise alongside our fellow worshippers. Because of that, we strive for quality musicianship and production but also to ensure that the words we sing, the songs we play, and the environment are free of distractions.


If you are interested in joining the team as a musician, please complete this form.

If you are interested in joining the production team, please complete this form.

The (803)

The (803) is going to be an afterschool program beginning in Fall 2024 driven by a commitment to empowering students through comprehensive academic and professional support. We believe that every student deserves guidance and encouragement as they navigate their educational and career journeys. By sharing our expertise and experience through tutoring, mentoring, and career skills development, we aim to equip students with the tools and confidence they need to excel in their chosen fields. Throughout this process, we also hope to foster a supportive community where students can explore their faith and connect with the love of Christ. We believe that by nurturing both academic success and spiritual growth, we can empower students to lead fulfilling lives and make a positive impact on the world. We hope to see you there this fall!

WHERE: Northwestern High School-2503 W Main St, Rock Hill, SC 29732

WHEN: Twice a month on Mondays from 4:00pm-5:30pm

Fill out this form if you are student interested in attending the program and would like more information. If you are interested in volunteering as a tutor or mentor, fill out our contact form and we will connect you with the program leader from Remedy Church, Andres Jimenez.

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