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community groups

In the book of Acts, we see believers meeting in homes, sharing meals, and praying together. Our Community Groups meet in people’s homes to share the Gospel, discuss the sermon, ask questions and share answers, memorize Scripture, support and encourage one another, and, when necessary, care for each other in times of trouble. Community Groups are a place where we practice community, mission, and care.

why be a part of a community group?

If you’re attending Sunday services, you’re only getting half of the picture. We are called to live life together and our Community Groups are the primary way of doing that. We were not created to live a life apart from others (even God exists in community in the Trinity) and we encourage you to see the benefit and blessing a Community Group can be in your life.

how do I join a community group?

It’s a very simple and informal process. Find a group you’d like to attend based on time and location and let the leader know you’d like to attend. By letting the leader know you’re coming, they can help steer you to the right place and let you know what to expect. After that, all you have to do is show up. To find a group, email or, or talk with the group leader directly and ask for information.

am I making a commitment by attending a community group?

Yes and no. We’d hope that you find a group that fits you and your family and you get connected and want to stay. We also know that attending a group for the first time can be a new experience. We encourage you to talk with the Community Group leader and ask about the group. When you find a group that fits, we encourage you to stay. Relationships are built over time and you can contribute and get the most when you’ve been part of a group for a while.

P.D. and Kristen Kuettner

Rawlinson Road Area

Tuesday, 6:30 PM

Andy and Michelle Pittman

McConnells Hwy Area

Tuesday, 5:30 PM

David and Susan Reese

Piedmont Hospital Area

Wednesday, 6:30 PM 

Scott and Shelly Morrison

Fort Mill Area

Thursday, 7:00 PM

Chris and Karis Miller

Winthrop University Area

Tuesday, 6:30 PM

Jon and Telly Moore

Rock Hill Country Club Area

Wednesday, 6:30 PM

Joe and Jess Mueller

Lesslie Area

Thursday, 7:00 PM

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